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Give your home and landscape some personality, find the perfect gift, and pamper yourself with a little help from Cactus Mart’s one-of-a-kind selection!

Yard Consultations

Finding the potential of your yard & property.

Want to achieve your goals for enjoying your yard and property to its fullest extent? Explore your yard and property with Robin…to get ideas, problem-solving suggestions, and plant recommendations.

Botanist Robin Kobaly will help you plan YOUR yard — including identifying your plants…both native and exotic, and recommending new problem-solving plants and ideas, from pathways to yard design!

If you want to achieve your goals for enjoying your yard to its fullest potential without having to contract an expensive landscape architect, consider inviting botanist Robin Kobaly into your yard for a personal consultation. Robin will help you appreciate and identify what you already have, and suggest what plants, pathways, or other structures you could incorporate into your landscape to solve issues you may have with landscaping, views, privacy, wind, hot walls, soil challenges, or problem spots. Robin will share easy, concrete steps to help you successfully plan out a functional, sustainable, low-maintenance, attractive landscape plan to empower you in creating your own dream yard – yourself!

Your yard consultation will normally last 2-3 hours, during which time Robin will answer your questions, offer ideas about how to plan your yard to achieve your dreams and desires, present ideas about what plants would do well on your property to achieve those goals (and where you can buy those plants), and give you valuable tips on irrigation for success. She will share secrets about how you can discover your best approach for getting the most enjoyment from your yard and property by knowing what to focus on to achieve great results. Robin will identify all the native plants you may have on your property, and introduce you to some of your native plants’ special qualities and uses that you can incorporate into your own life. You will also receive a permanent discount card for 10% off any plants or garden supplies you purchase at Cactus Mart in Morongo Valley.

To discuss your personal yard consultation, call (760) 363-1166 or email for a quote and to schedule a fun journey into  your own yard through the eyes and experience of a seasoned botanist.

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