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The Cactus Mart garden selection contains a wide variety of native and exotic plants such as cacti, succulents, trees, and shrubs that will suit any of your landscaping and decorative needs!


Cacti are what we are known for and we have one of the best selections available. As members of the Cactaceae families, cacti are unique plants for many reasons. They can be grown for their ornamental look, for the fruit they produce, and for the ability to thrive in harsh environments. Cactus Mart regularly has a selection of prickly pear, cholla, saguaro, golden torch, and more.


Succulents are a wonderful ornate plant that come in many shapes and forms. Otherwise known as fat plants, the succulent stores water to survive the arid regions of our planet. Succulents also have the added advantage of being difficult to succumb to negligence making them a perfect plant for the beginner gardener.

Native Plants

The best plants for the California desert are plants that grow wild in California! Native plants are an excellent source of food, pollen, and shelter for native wildlife to thrive. Cactus Mart currently carries Mojave Desert Land Trust native plants with donations helping protect and restore desert habitat.

Dig your own

Since the 1960’s, travelers from all over the world have made it a tradition to stop by the Cactus Mart Dig Your Own bar to not only bring home a little cactus friend, but to have fun learning how to plant it themselves. Stop by and check out the Dig Your Own bar today!


The trees at Cactus Mart are the perfect addition to any landscape. Cold hardy and capable of surviving dry environments, our trees are adapted to the many harsh microclimates in California. From cottonwood to pepper trees, our trees are diverse and can compliment any of your design needs. They are also perfect for adding much needed shade to help our animal friends.


Looking to start a vegetable garden? Well we’ve got the perfect seeds for your arid climate. We carry the Baker Creek brand of heirloom seeds at Cactus Mart. The company is based on the ideals of preserving our agricultural and culinary heritage by offering rare seeds and the largest selection of seeds from the 19th century.

Soil Ammendment

The alkaline soils of the Morongo Basin and low desert areas are ideal for some of the unique plants available at Cactus Mart. However, a large number of plants require soil amendments to give your plants exactly what they need to grow strong and be happy. We supply Black Gold soil amendments to provide the necessary nutrition and pH for your plants!