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Cactus Mart

Cactus Mart is a plant emporium featuring cacti, succulents, tools, supplies, decor, and more! Travelers from around the world have had the opportunity to experience Cactus Mart as a go to destination or as a stopping point during their travels. Some have found the perfect compliment to their landscape. Others managed to get a hold of the perfect gift for that special someone. Whatever your intentions, Cactus Mart will surely provide a unique experience for anyone.

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Nicole Holland

Nicole is the owner and operator of Cactus Mart. Her grandpa was a homesteader in Landers in the 1960s. Her family started regularly coming out to the local area in the 70s and 80s, and, in 1991, Nicole became a full time desert resident. She has several years of experience in gardening and landscape design. Plants and design are her passion. She loves to help home owners turn their desert homes into a tiny piece of paradise, all the while using plants conducive to our severe climate. “Working with plants and home owner’s personal style to help them achieve a landscape that is both desert adaptive and functional with their needs.” Nicole has worked with all ranges of clientele from high end to DIY and loves each project as her own.


Ever wanted to know the history of the place that would eventually be known as Cactus Mart? The house originally belonged to immigrants Rosa and Anton Terp. They purchased the land and built a house as well as a bar. Between the 1950’s through the 1960’s the building was the Hitching Post bar. You can read about the Terp’s history with the Hitching Post on our blog. The property was purchased by the Porter family in the 1960’s. They called the place Cactus Mart! Along with the name came the promise to become a unique roadside destination for those curious about the type of life that can thrive in such a harsh environment. The famous ‘Dig Your Own’ attraction was created to entice those coming from or going to the Joshua Tree park when it was still just a monument. Lets’s not forget the local band named in it’s honor ‘Dig your own’.

Store Map

The official Cactus Mart store map is made available to those that want to get to know the lay of the land before they venture into unknown territory. The map is available for download in a convenient .pdf format that can be viewed on almost any device.

Click the here to download and check it out!

The Morongo Basin

Morongo Valley is located off of State Route 62 and named after the Morongo Band of Mission Indians. The location served as a stop for the stagecoach lines between Arizona and the major cities of California. Looking to grab a bite of some of the best BBQ you’ve ever had? Escaped the city to the see the stars? You won’t find better stargazing than at the Sky’s The Limit Observatory and Nature Center in Twentynine Palms. Have an interest in the supernatural? Integratron is just up the grade in nearby Landers. Want some of the best coffee you’ve ever had? Visit the Joshua Tree Coffee Company in Joshua Tree. The Morongo Basin truly has something enticing for everyone.

Sand to Snow Monument

Morongo Valley is home to the newly designated Sand to Snow National Monument. Visit the 3 Monuments Website for more information about the new federally protected lands. A major part of the monument is the Big Morongo Canyon Preserve, which just so happens to be down the street from Cactus Mart! The preserve is located up against the Little San Bernardino Mountains and is one of the largest habitats of willow and cottonwood in California. The marsh habitat is the result of a fault system that drains nearby mountains to form streams. Many species of birds and other desert creatures frequent this unique location for this reason. The preserve also features some amazing hiking trails.

Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park is one of the largest recreational parks and is not too far from Cactus Mart. The land was preserved in 1936 as a monument and was upgraded to park status in 1994. The park stretches roughly 800,000 acres and features many unique plants, wildlife, vistas, and places of historical significance. See the infamous Joshua Tree in all of its unique variations. Wander around the tailings of an old gold mine. Explore unique rock formations that are scattered throughout the park. Experience the camping sites in Joshua Tree National Park that offer the best experience for those looking for the perfect getaway. 

Mojave Trails National Monument

Mojave Trails National Monument is a one of a kind treasure found in the Mojave desert just an hour and a half drive from Cactus Mart. The monument’s largest attractions are both Amboy and Pisgah craters, unique volcanic cinder cones with dark basalt features that contrast with the surrounding sun-bleached landscape. One can drive to an original and undeveloped stretch of Route 66 just like someone might have in the 1940s on their way from Chicago to LA. The monument also contains ancient trilobite fossil beds that are fun for all to explore. The Mojave Trails National Monument is home to some of the last remaining undisturbed one-of-a-kind ecosystems on the planet. We truly feel a sense of pride knowing something so beautiful is being protected right in our backyard.