Cactus Mart


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Salt Lamps

Glowing pink himilayan salt lamps

Salt lamps are now available at Cactus Mart! These lamps are made with the unique pink Himilayan salt, which is said to contain properties that are good for one's health. Their look is unlike any other and will make a lovely conversation piece in any home.

Jeff's Famous Jerky

Jeff's famous jerky bags neatly arranged in a wheelbarrow

If you're looking for some of the finest gourmet jerky in town, then you only need too look at Cactus Mart! Jeff's famous award winning jerky is now available in the boutique in a variety of flavors. Be sure to pick one up for yourself or as a gift.

Martha's Fry Bread

Martha pouring cheese on top of her famous native fry bread tacos

Martha has been setting up Martha’s Fry Bread, their Indian taco stand, during weekends at Cactus Mart. Experience her authentic Native Fry Bread recipe in which, she says, her secret sauce is love. Stop by for a fresh, flavorful lunch of Native Tacos.

Butch & Sundance Gazette

Cover of the Butch and Sundance gazette

Download and read the latest Butch & Sundance Gazette or pick one up in the shop!

Army Ants

Deploy an army of welded metal and stone army ants in your garden today!